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Volume 26: Indigenous Peoples: Historical Understanding, Contemporary Challenges and Canadian Approaches (October 2011), pp. 1-116.

Guest Editor: Tracie Scott

Articles from: Tracie Scott, Tricia Logan, Heather Devine, Robert E. Sanderson and James W. Parins, Gundula Wilke, Sarah Henzi



Volume 25: Coming Soon


Mackenzie King Volume 24: Mackenzie King and the Transformation of Canadian International Relations, 1935-1948 (2008-2009) pp. 1-131

Guest Editor: Tony McCulloch

Articles from: Bernard Brister, David Haglund, David Woolner, Justin Massie, Hector Mackenzie




Volume 23: War and Peace in Canadian History (2007-2008)

Guest Editor: Tony McCulloch

Articles from: Lara Silver, David Haglund, Diana Beaupré, Neville Sloane, Tony McCulloch, Hector Mackenzie, and Benjamin Zyla.


Volume 22: Gender and the City (2006-2007)

Guest Editor: Christopher Dummitt

Articles from: Christopher Dummitt, Robert C.H. Sweeny, Richard Dennis, Maureen A. Flanagan, Linda Knowles, Julie Rodgers, and Ceri Morgan.


Volume 21: Canada in Moving Images (2005-2006)

Guest Editor: Aleksander Sasha Dundjerovic

Articles from: Aleksander Sasha Dundjerovic, Christian Roy, Monique Tschofen, Bruno Cornellier, and Amy Fung.


Volume 20: The North Atlantic Triangle Revisited (2004-2005)

Guest Editor: Tony McCulloch

Articles from: Tony McCulloch, Gordon Stewart, Terry Crowley, Neville Wylie, Hector Mackenzie, and David Haglund.


Volume 19: Deepening Integration into the Americas (2003-2004)

Guest Editor: Itesh Sachdev

Articles from: Tim Rooth, Peter Walsh, Martin Lubin, Sahadeo Basdeo, and Germán A. de la Reza.


Volume 18: Images of Pierre Trudeau (2002-2003)

Guest Editor: David Clark

Articles from: David Clark, Christian Dufour, David Hutchison, Annis May Timpson, Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Wayne Hunt, and Jeremy Kinsman.


Volume 17: Quality, Equality, and Inequality (2001-2002)

Guest Editor: Itesh Sachdev

Articles from: Norbert Gilmore, Hanna Zowall, Donald Cuccioletta, Jagdish Gundara, Vivien Hughes, Heather Norris Nicholson, and André Tremblay.


Volume 16: Continuities and Changing Realities: Meanings and Identities among Canada's Aboriginal Peoples (2000-2001)

Guest Editor: Heather Norris Nicholson

Articles from: Heather Norris Nicholson, Nick Baxter-Moore, Roy Todd, Itesh Sachdev, David Hanlon, Colin Samson, Cora Voyageur, and Brian Calliou.


Volume 14: Migrants, Money, and Markets (1998-1999)

Guest Editor: Tim Rooth

Articles from: David Rhind, Tim Rooth, John Othick, James Sturgis, John Davis, John Douglas Belshaw, T.A. MacDonald, and Daniel Drache.


Volume 13: Environmental Politics and Policy: The Canadian Experience (1997-1998)

Guest Editor: David Anderson

Articles from: Michael Tanner, Neil Hawke, Michael R. Mason, Jane Parker, Paul Selman, Don Belanger et. al., and Guy M. Robinson.


Volume 12: Geography, Gender, and Identity in Canadian Literature (1996-1997)

Guest Editor: Richard Dennis

Articles from: Richard Dennis, C.A. Howells, R. Jennings, D. Schaub, F. Alexander, C. Beyer, and E. Gilbert.


Volume 11: Aboriginal Peoples (1995-1996)
Guest Editor: Itesh Sachdev

Articles from: I. Sachdev, W. Stevenson, V. J. Kirkness, H. Lutz, and W. Hamley.


Volume 10: NAFTA: Canada and the Pacific Rim (1994-1995)

Guest Editor: Alan. G. Hallsworth

Articles from: A. G. Hallsworth, W. Hunt, J. Mercer, B. W. Wilkinson, and J. Létourneau.


Volume 9: Atlantic Canada (1993-1994)

Guest Editor: Itesh Sachdev

Articles from: W. Godfrey, P. Buckner, M. Burgess, G. Davies, M. Bennett, and M. Bowman.


The volumes listed below are out of print, and regretfully the editorial board are unable to respond to requests for copies.

Volume 15 (1999/2000): Meeting Community Needs: Education in Canada and Europe. Guest Editor: Alan G. Hallsworth

Volume 8 (1992): Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 7 (1990): Communication and Culture in Canada. Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 6 (1989): The New Quebec Economy: The Business-University Partnership. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the London Conference for Canadian Studies, London, 25 November 1988. Guest Editor: Michel Blanc

Volume 5 (1988): Recent Change in Western Canada. Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 4 (1987): Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 3 (1986): Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 2 (1985): Editor: Margaret Storrie

Volume 1 (1984): Centre and Periphery Relations in Canada. Editor: Margaret Storrie